Project Structure INCOBAT
Integrated Cooperation. 
The project structure of INCOBAT is designed to support the highly integrated cooperation envisaged for this project.
WP1: System Design for Energy Efficiency. 
The objective of this work package is the definition of the next generation of a modular BMS platform with integration of the different topics that have to be considered across the entire supply chain (e.g. requirements, system architecture, reliability...). Its focus is set on requirements and methodology providing a transversal innovation  highly linked to all technical work packages. WPLead: AVL 
WP2: Control Strategy and SW. 
Work package 2 focuses on the software development mainly the definition of different alorithms in order to deal with the battery pack management. As such, WP2 cleary provides a technology innovation that is very relevant to both WP1 and WP4. WP Lead: I&M
WP3: Battery Management Technology and Hardware. 
As the name indicates, the focus of Work package 3 is set to the hardware part of the BMS. Its tasks are oriented to the physical realization of the electroinc hardware according to the results generated in Work package 3. WP Lead: Infineon Germany
WP4: Integration and Verification. 
Work Package 4 is the place where integration takes part and the work of previous work packages 1, 2 and 3 is combined and "coming to life". WP4 highlight is the vehicle integration. WP Lead: IMOTIVE
WP5: Platform Evaluation. 
In Work Package 5, the validation of the work performed takes place. The developed BMS platform will be evaluated in terms of ICT functionalities, industrialization aspects as well as vehicle integration. WPLead: Fraunhofer
WP6: Project Management & Sustainability. 
Like every project, also this project requires a certain level of project management. A further aspect of this work package is sustainability covering the aspects of dissemination and exploitation. It is an essentiala target of INCOBAT to provide a certain amount of information that is available for future research, as such to be communicated within the European research community. WPLead: AVL