INCOBAT Project Consortium
INCOBAT - a 100% European value chain for the development of next generation HV battery management systems. 
The strenght of this consortium is its complementarity with respect to competences and skills required for the fulfillment of the project aims as well as its profound experience and deep involvement in related research projects. The strong industrial presence in this consortium with four large enterprises shows the strong commitment of industry for electro-mobility.
PartnerMain task in the projectCountryStatus
AVL List GmbHProject coordination, System Design, System and SW integration, Safety & Security, System evaluationATLE
Ideas&MotionBMS control (SoF), simulation, smart driverITSME
Fraunhofergesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung E.V.Reliability and lifetime assessment (planning, simulation, performance evaluation on prototype)DEResearch
Infineon Technologies Austria AGElectronics HW (chip and PCB) for smart sensors (battery satellites)ATLE
Infineon Technologies AGAdaption multicore platform for future BMS, basic SW layers, Safety & SecurityDELE
Impact Clean Power Technology S.A.SW low-level drivers for BMS, Battery pack prototype, vehicle demonstratorPLSME
Manz Italy SRLBattery cells measurement, modeling support, integration supportITLE
Chemnitzer Werkstoffmechanik GmbHReliability test and assessment of battery cells (mechanical tests, analysis, support for simulation)DESME