Innovation Topics
Aims and Objectives.
The aim of INCOBAT is to provide innovative and cost efficient battery management systems for next generation HV-batteries. To that end, INCOBAT will propose a platform concept in order to achieve cost reduction, reduced complexity, increased reliability as well as flexibility and higher energy efficiency. The main outcomes of the project will be:  
  • Very tight control of the cell function leading to an increase of the driving range of the FEV by 30% for current chemistry and by a factor of 10 and more by enabling the use of new cell chemistries such as LiS or even Li-air
  • Radical cost reduction of battery management system – factor of 10 (at least) with respect to current solutions
  • Development of modular concepts for system architecture and partitioning, safety, security, reliability as well as verification and validation, thus enabling efficient integration into different vehicle platforms.
  • INCOBAT is in the position to provide a 100% European value chain for the development of next generation HV battery management systems.