Our last INCOBAT project meeting took place on November 30th and December 1st of 2016 in Chemnitz, Germany. The INCOBAT project will officially end on December 31st of 2016.   In this two-day meeting we focused on the preparation of the final report and the review meeting in February 2017. One final time, representatives of all project partners came together do discuss the project status and our results achieved.

We would like to thank Fraunhofer ENAS for hosting us and all project partners for joining and commonly bringing INCOBAT to an end. It was a pleasure working with you all.

On the 20th and 21st of September 2016, the INCOBAT consortium met in Warsaw for technical synchronization workshop and the steering board meeting. On the first day of the meeting, the focus was on the INCOBAT Demonstrator. Besides that, the general project status as well as the Work Packages of the INCOBAT project were examined. The day ended with fruitful conversations during a common dinner.  


On the second day of the meeting, further steps to be taken for the project completion as well as steps for the preparation of the final review the Work Packages were discussed. The INCOBAT consortium closed the meeting after lunch.


We would like to thank all project partners for making this meeting so successful. A big thank you to IMOTIVE for hosting us!


On April 13th and 14th, the INCOBAT consortium met in Graz – this time on Infineon premises. As always, we combined the project steering board meeting and our work package leader meeting to discuss the project progress.


On the first day, the consortium discussed the general project status as well as the status of some of the Work Packages. The day ended with fruitful conversations during a common dinner. On the second day, all of the Work Packages were further discussed and a tour through Infineon Austria was made.  


We would like to thank all INCOBAT partners for joining this successful meeting and thank you Infineon for having us!


For the second time in 2015, the INCOBAT project steering board and work package leaders met up to jointly monitor the project progress, deal with current matters and plan the next project steps. This time, the meeting took place in Ideas and Motion's splendid new headquarter in Cherasco, Italy.


On the first day of the meeting - October 14th - the stage belonged to the work package leaders, giving status updates and future outlooks for each individual work package. Fruitful discussions engaged all present consortium members for the afternoon, before the evening was brought to an end amicably. The second meeting day was dedicated to the second periodic review, which will take place in the beginning of November. The meeting participants focused on the second project report, the INCOBAT review meeting and the cluster review meeting.


A big thank you to our colleagues from Ideas and Motion for hosting us!


On May 27th 2015, the representatives from all of the 4th Generation Electric Vehicle (EV) Cluster Project took part in a joint conference in Graz. The VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research Center invited European experts in the field of electric vehicles, including 40 industry and research partners, alongside the five FP7 cluster projects (iCOMPOSE, IMPROVE, INCOBAT, eDAS and Batteries2020) and the project coordinator of the already finalized OpEneR.  


The morning session was filled by presentation on project key figures as well as respective technical presentations. In the afternoon the three working groups were the focus of discussions, dividing the audience in three parallel working group sessions. 


We would like to thank VIF for organizing and all of our fellow cluster projects for joining! If you are interested in further details on the cluster and German is no problem for you, click here to download the official press release.
On the 22nd and 23rd of April 2015, the INCOBAT consortium partners - represented by the work package leaders and steering board members - met for a joined Synchronization workshop and steering board meeting in Neubiberg Germany.


On the first day, starting at noon, the consortium met to discuss and further refine the next steps to take in WP 5, "Platform Evaluation", which officially started in April 2015. Under the discussion lead of the work package leader Frauenhofer, the consortium synchronized on the individual tasks the work package. The evening was then brought to an end with a common dinner and fruitful conversations.


The focus on the second day was set on the current status and future steps of each individual work package. All work package leaders presented results and the outlook for their respective work package. Thank you to all project partners for joining this successful meeting and thank you Infineon for having us!

On the 30th of September, the INCOBAT project closed the first project period, alongside its fellow cluster projects iCOMPOSE and eDAS. All three review meetings were organized around one combined meeting in the beginning of November.

The INCOBAT project started off with an internal preparation meeting on Monday, the 3rd of November. On Tuesday, the INCOBAT project was the first cluster project to be reviewed. In front of representatives of all eight project partners, the work package leaders presented the project proceedings of the first 12 project months. In the course of the meeting, the INCOBAT project was positively evaluated and deemed successful by the reviewers and the project officer.

On Wednesday, the 5th of November, the project coordinators had the chance to present the clusters progresses in the first project year in front of representatives of the EC as well as the respective project consortia.

We would like to thank all INCOBAT partners for their efforts put into the project in the first 12 months!

Since our concept of combining the technical work package leader workshop with the project steering board meeting proved successful in May, we decided to once again hold a two-day event, bringing all work package leaders and steering board members together. This time, the project partners met in Warsaw, Poland. 


On the first day, the 13th of October, the meeting participants focused on the project status, achievements and upcoming activities. In the evening, the consortium got to enjoy the famous Polish hospitality in a traditional tavern in Warsaw's city center. 


The next day, the 14th of October, started off with a tour through our hosting project partner's company, Impact Clean Power Technologies. The following meeting allowed the consortium to elaborate on open questions and also review the first periodic report. 


We would like to thank your project partners for making the meetings successful. Special thanks also to IMOTIVE for hosting!
In the Meeting Room © INCOBAT
On the 21st and 22nd of May 2014, the members of the Project Steering Board as well as the Work Package Leaders met in Chemnitz, following the invitation of our project partner Frauenhofer Enas. In order to increase efficiency , the INCOBAT consortium agreed, to combine the Project Steering Board Meeting with the Technical Synchronization Workshop of the Work Package Leaders.


Day 1, the 21st of May, started with the workshops on "Functional Safety in the Project" and on "Control Architecture". These workshops were followed by a lab tour through the ENAS labs. The evening was brought to an end amicably at one of the city's oldest restaurants.


The actual Project Steering Board Meeting was held on day 2, the 22nd of May. In this meeting, matters of consortium evolution as well as the different work package states were discussed. The meeting also allowed the project partners to elaborate on open questions and upcoming further steps, in order to ensure a continuously sound collaboration. 


Many thanks to our project partners for participating in this successful event!
On the 29th of April 2014, the coordinators of the projects eDAS, iCOMPOSE and INCOBAT - together forming the Cluster “4th Generation EV” - met in Graz. The meeting allowed the cluster-partners to further elaborate on common interests and cross-project activities.


Thanks to our collegues from eDas and iCOMPOSE for joining us!
Dr. Daniel Watzenig (ViF), iCOMPOSE Coordinator ©INCOBAT
Dr. Volker Hennige speaking at the innoBATT 2014 ©INCOBAT

Core Information

On the 9th and 10th of April 2014, the FP7 projects Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterSuperLIB and Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterESTRELIA jointly organized the Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterinnoBATT conference. The conference took place in Unterpremstätten, Austria and brought together 30-40 HV battery experts, including a representative from European Commission and Renault as car manufacturer.


Content of the INNOBAT Conference

High costs together with concerns for driving range, reliability and safety are still the main hindrance for market adaption of full electrical vehicles (FEVs). The EU funded projects ESTRELIA and SuperLIB have the objective to provide cost, safety and reliability improved concepts for smart energy storage in electrical vehicles. After more than two years of research and development, the project owners and their partners, who represent key players in the European automotive industry, invite to discuss the development and future perspective of electro mobility concepts regarding smart concepts for Battery Management & Sustainable Energy Storage.


A group of approximately 30 – 40 experts in the field of HV battery (including representative from European Commission and Renault as car manufacturer) attended to this meeting and provided a presentation of the following research projects: ESTRELIA, SuperLIB, Battman, Smartbatt, Greenlion, Somabat, Eurolis, MARS-EV, INCOBAT and iCOMPOSE, which is also part of the "4th Generation EV" Project Cluster.

Impact for INCOBAT

An overall presentation of the INCOBAT project was performed. This conference was a great possibility (a) to introduce the INCOBAT project and its objectives in the community, and (b) to learn more and synchronize with the main R&D activities on the domain of HV batteries and energy storage. Additionally, the keynotes (European Commission, Renault) provided information on currents market needs and trends, which was a further confirmation for the correct strategy and market relevance for the INCOBAT targets. An overview of the future call for proposal was provided as well.
INCOBAT kick-off meeting participants
INCOBAT started in October and consequently, the kick-off meeting for the entire project took place on October 17 and 18. All project partners have been present to join the meeting that took place in Graz, Austria. The meeting allowed the project participants to highlight the specifics of the different work packages and to identify next steps and synchronization demands for the coming period. Furthermore, the participants had the possibility to visit AVL's battery testbed and to enjoy an amicable social event.   Thanks a lot to all participants for making this event happen that was a truly successful start into the project.