For all INCOBAT deliverables, a public summary will be provided here. Those deliverables of confidentiality "public" are available for full download whereas the documents of status "restricted to other programme participants" are available for assisting partners and Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen Fensterclustering projects.
Deliverable nameDel. no.WP no.NatureConfidentialityStatus
INCOBAT Project Handbook6.16RCOAccepted
Project Homepage6.26RPUAccepted
Dissemination Plan6.36RPPAccepted
Detailed project objectives and measurement criteria1.11RCOAccepted
Specification of Local Battery Monitoring Unit and controller3.13RPPAccepted
Delivery of OIKOS platform derivative for BMS3.23RPPAccepted
Requirements and metrics1.21RCOAccepted
Preliminary evaluation of control strategy by means of simulation2.12RCOAccepted
Report on encryption technologies for BMS safety and security3.33RCOAccepted
Specification of standard electronic cell control and sensing chip3.43RPPAccepted
Battery Test Results4.14RCOAccepted
Initial Exploitation Plan6.46RCOAccepted
1st Periodic Report6.56RCOAccepted
SW development platform2.22RCOAccepted
BMS control algorithms and infrastructure interfaces2.32RCOAccepted
Specification of PCB for Local Bettery Monitoring Unit3.53RPPAccepted
Battery Module HW integration4.24DCOAccepted
System architecture specification1.31RCOAccepted
Report of central BMS function3.63RPPOpen
Final PCB Schematic & Layout for Local Battery Monitoring Unit3.73RPPAccepted
2nd Periodic Report6.66RCOAccepted
Integrated BMS firmware2.52RCOOpen
Report on use of 40nm technology3.83RCOOpen
Safety and security concept1.41RCOOpen
Validation plan1.51RCOOpen
Integration Recommendations1.61RPPOpen
BMS behaviour simulations over different configurations and scenarios2.42RCOOpen
Final PCB of Local Battery Monitoring Unit for demonstrator3.93DPPOpen
Exploitation Plan & Sustainability Model6.76RCOOpen
Battery Pack HW integration4.34DCOOpen
Validation of ICT functionalities5.15RPPOpen
Validation of Industrialization aspects5.25RPPOpen
Dissemination Report6.86RPPOpen
Vehicle Integration4.44RPUOpen
Vehicle validation5.35RPPOpen
Final Project Report6.96RCOOpen
PU=Public, PP=Restricted to other programme participants (including the Commission Services), CO=Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the Commission Services)
R=Report, D=Demonstrator, O=Other